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Kid Rock Concert Review 1999

This concert was great. It was at Nautica in the flats in Cleveland, Ohio. Powerman 5000 opened for Kid Rock. Powerman 5000 was alright. They had alot of problems with the sound board which didn't help out. Now for the main event "Kid Rock". This concert was the day after woodstock ended so I know Kid Rock had to been partying like crazy. But It didn't matter because Kid Rock had a hell of a show. Kid Rock started off by playing Bawitaba which really got the crowd going. He then continued playing basically every song on the new CD and plus many others. Kid Rock's midget Joe C. was there which made the concert even better. One of my friends got a water bottle that Joe C. threw out. The set was great with a glossy glittery KID ROCK sign in the background. Kid Rock also acted like he was done and left the stage, but he still came back and played 3 more songs. Kid Rock played for like 2 hours. This concert is a must see.