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Weird Al Yankavic "Running with Scisors" Review

I give this CD ****.If you have not purchased Weird Al's newest CD, Running Wish Scissors, go out and buy it! Now, I realize that I am completely biased, because I am a HUGE Weird Al fan, but this CD is truly funny. He parodies many recent songs, including "Zoot Suit Riot" ("Grapfruit Diet"), "One Week" (turned into the amazing parody, "Jerry Springer"), and "Pretty Fly for a White Guy" ("Pretty Fly for a Rabbi"). His originals are totally funny, also. "Albequerque" is a rambling, 12 minute, stream of conciousness song about Al's fictional adventures in and around Albequerque. I really recommend this CD, as well as his 9 other studio albums.